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TrafficHaus Ad Network Review 2021

TrafficHaus is a self-serve real-time bidding platform that was founded in 2013. It is not a leading ad network (if compared to such giants as ExoClick for example) but it still seems like a solid middling platform for publishers to sell all possible kinds of traffic. They accept both desktop and mobile (as well as tablet) traffic and have a really great variety of ad units (popunders, interstitials, floating banners and plenty more to choose from). Adult niche is the primary target of TrafficHaus although they also take into consideration other themes like Entertainment, Art and Design, Bussiness and so on.

Ad Types:

For Desktop:
  • Display Banners (of different media types and formats)
  • In-Video Ads
  • Desktop Video Post Roll Ads
  • Desktop Chat Head Ads
  • Text Link
  • Navigation Tab
  • Interstitial
  • Instant Message
  • Popunder
For Mobile:
  • Mobile Display Header Banner
  • Mobile Display Footer Banner
  • Mobile Display Intermediary Banner
  • Rotating Mobile Banners
  • Mobile Floating Banner
  • Customized Mobile Publication
  • Interstitials
For Tablet:
  • Tablet Display Header Banner
  • Tablet Display Footer Banner
  • Mobile Floating Banner
  • Tablet Chat Head Ads
  • Tablet Video Post Roll Ads
  • Mobile Pop-Unders
  • Customized Mobile Publication
  • Interstitials

For mobile and tablet traffic there is also a unique feature called Frequency Capping that enables you to restrict the number of times in which a user is shown a particular ad during a specific time.

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per Mile)

Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile, and tablets

Targeting Options

Zone location, geo-location, categories, and keywords.

Payment Rules

Payments are registered and made in USD. There are only 4 ways to withdraw your money: PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer and a check. Be sure to clarify all the additional fees those services may demand. TrafficHaus pays their publishers once per month („by the end of the calendar month following any calendar month in which the earned balance in your Account equals or exceeds the applicable payment threshold”). Bi-weekly payments are also available. By the way, the minimum payment is $50.

We highly recommend you to look through the Terms of the platform concerning payments to be aware of situations when your money could be withheld.

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TrafficHaus obviously regards its users as very insightful and shrewd. How else could we explain that fact that their HelpCenter is limited by a mere semblance of a FAQ page? To put it simply it is very basic and non-exhaustive and a client-to-be would not be able to clarify all the necessary issues before signing up without turning for help to the support team.

However, what exactly is TrafficHaus support team? You can find out by visiting the Contact page where it is stated who you should turn to get help concerning desktop/mobile/, CPA/EU sales. They also have general e-mail and also a telephone number and their address in San Diego, but neither skype nor online-chat that means you will not get prompt answers.

It is claimed that their support team is available around-the-clock, although from the personal experience I would say they are quite reluctant to answer e-mails.

However, it seems that situation does get better after signing in. Once you’re their full-fledged client you get a personal account manager who will apparently help you settle in and clarify some issues. But still would not it be more helpful to make the necessary information publicly accessible? I suppose that existing gaps in service terms and proposed deals have scared off more than one client.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

First of all, TrafficHaus asks you to warrant that you are at least eighteen years old, your company has not declared bankruptcy within the last twenty-four month and overall your business is legal.

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The service is very particular about respecting intellectual property and strongly calls upon all publishers and advertisers to comply with the patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Service also encourages respect to each other’s Confidential Information.

TrafficHaus notifies that you can get terminated anytime without previous warning because of a breach of the Terms, a request by law enforcement of any government agency. You will also be terminated if you are inactive or if you fail to pay any fees and charges to the service. And getting terminated means that they will remove access to all the services, delete your account information and secure passwords along with historical transaction data and summaries. After termination, you are banned from using their services in the future.

Needless to say, under such a scenario you lose all your money. Moreover, the platform reserves the right to withheld your revenue if it was credited to you from invalid activity (namely spam, invalid queries, invalid impressions, or invalid clicks from automated programs, impressions generated by payment of money, false representation, or requests, etc.) They also may offset any payments owed to you against any fees you owe them OR ask to refund anything they may have overpaid you by mistake.

What is strange is that there is nothing in their Terms and Conditions about traffic requirements and malware prevention. Furthermore, TrafficHaus emphasizes that it is not responsible for any damage caused by any materials from the service and makes no warranty that all the materials are secure or free from viruses and bugs. In other words, you access any materials at your sole and exclusive risk and discretion.

By googling the company you will probably come across some complaint reports concerning this platform which is connected with spreading of malware.

However, it is claimed on the official site that TrafficHaus attaches particular importance to security concerns. They have a specific type of employees called procurement experts who are responsible for verifying every new publisher and every new advertiser in order to make sure that the platform is completely safe for each side. It is notable that TrafficHaus partnered with digital copyright protection system (namely DigiRegs). They obviously pay more attention to intellectual property rights and legal identity.

Referral Program

Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out whether TrafficHaus has a referral program without turning to sources other than their official site. Nothing concerning this matter is stated on the site, nothing can be found on the FAQ page and their support team „available 24/7” has not answered yet. However, from the Internet, it is known that they do have a referral program for publishers. Rumour has it that the offer is 5% of the referred publisher’s income.

CPM Rates

You may compare TrafficHaus CPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.


  •     the anti-ad blocking solution is available
  • minimum withdrawal limit is $50 (paid bi-weekly)


  • relativaly low CPM rates for pop-unders and banners
  • mediocre customer support
  • the admin panel is hard to navigate
  • you won’t get paid if your traffic is rejected

Final thoughts:

At the end of the day, TrafficHaus is just a common-or-garden ad network, it is neither better, nor worse than any other mediocre platform which is not a top-leader yet but has its fair share of the market. I regard it as a solid legit service despite all the possible risks you’ve been warned about.

It definitely needs some improvements but I have a strong feeling that it is much more open to the clients than just to passers-by and the issues mentioned above can be easily solved once you’ve decided to sign in.

Click here to register and login to Traffic Haus network

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