What Popunder Solution to Apply: PopunderJS VS ASG Popunder

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In the previous article, we’ve already determined why clickunder advertising is one of the most efficient ways to monetize your traffic and have reviewed the solution offered by our platform, namely the customizable AdSpyglass’ popunder script. Today we are going to delve into the topic comparing this script with one of the most well-known alternatives on the market, Popunder js. Up to this time, it was reckoned the true sovereign of clickunder advertising but with the arrival of the new solution, its sole reign seems to be over. 

The Popunderjs’ website is brimming with self-confidence since its very name sounds like #1 Popunder script on the market. On the main screen, they also try their best to convince customers that this script is the “most advanced popunder script on the market”. Let’s find out if these big words correlate with reality.

Getting Started

We will start by skimming through the main features of Popunderjs.

Popunderjs’ solution offers three types of clickunder advertising namely pop under, tab under, and pop over. It claims to be fully customizable, although the settings the user would be able to adjust are not specified. Let me remind you that here at AdSpyglass we allow customers to set up triggers, advertising campaigns, and patterns, as well as to customize popunders’ behavior for any browser, device or country. 

The script installation is also said to be fairly easy since it only contains few lines of code and there is a comprehensive manual that explains to customers how to implement it. With AdSpyglass, the whole manual could be summed up in four basic steps. Check them out once again!

The Financial Issue

It seems that Popunderjs being a paid script and moreover its being not the cheapest one on the market could be a real deal-breaker for some publishers who are still new to the game of traffic monetizing and do not have enough spare resources to pour them into paid solutions.  

Nevertheless, there are three main plans offered by Popunderjs with the cheapest one (intended for one domain) costing $199 per year and the most expensive one (intended for the unlimited number of domains) costing $1499 per year. Unfortunately, there is no trial version.

With AdSpyglass’ script, you can have it all for free. Yeah, that’s right, no payment is required from the users of the AdSpyglass platform!

AdSpyglass popunder script is needed to control the behaviour of your popunder ads. Solution from AdSpyglass adds flexibility and enlarges the abilities of pop-ads.

On the side note, please take into account that Popunderjs has a tricky refund policy. They agree to make a refund only if you can provide them a valid reason for that. The validity of your reasons will be decided by Popunderjs’ team but they mention their script being broken and their support not answering after 48 hours as the examples.

Anti AdBlock Solution

Both AdSpyglass and Popunderjs offer Anti AdBlock solutions for the scripts to work with. Anti AdBlock usage is one of the key moments you should pay attention to when choosing a popunder script. 30% of all internet users now use ad blockers.

The specific functionality of the Anti AdBlock solution is an absolute trade secret so we can not compare them other than in practice. However, the Popunderjs website contains some hints that their Anti AdBlock is not considered a good one even by their own team. For instance, they do acknowledge that there could be problems with your pop URL being in AdBlock blacklist or containing filtered words. Popunderjs seems to be very straightforward by admitting that they do not guarantee anything about Anti AdBlock Solution and that they refuse to refund payment in case customers have problems with it.

Matter of Statistics 

In AdSpyglass, we perfectly understand the urge of our customers to have full control over their traffic in order to determine what settings are more effective. That is why we have added the unique feature of collecting the statistical data to the script. Popunderjs doesn’t have this feature as well as no other script on the market except Adsplyglass’ one.  With AdSpyglass’ real-time statistics you will be able to check how many times the popunder was activated and successfully displayed and you will even see the automatically determined CTR based on this data.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both these services are reckoned top-notch popunder solutions on the market. However, they do have some unique features that you have to be aware of before making a final choice. 

Try it now

First of all, AdSpyglass is a fully-fledged service with many various features whereas Popunderjs is more of a hosted solution. One of the absolutely wonderful features of AdSpyglass is that we have statistics (it is not offered by any other solution). Finally, do not forget that AdSpyglass is completely free for its users.

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