BidsPush Ad Network Review 2022

BidsPush ad network review
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BidsPush is an advertisement network established over 15 years ago. They work with advertisers and publishers from all over the world and provide a wide range of instruments for customers. Currently, BidsPush works with popunders and push notifications buying and selling them on CPC-based model.

Ad Types


Offer Types


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Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Targeting Options

BidsPush provides targeting by domains, keywords, IPs, and GEOs allowing advertisers to organize data-driven campaigns. 

Payment Rules

According to the Terms and Conditions, BidsPush supports only Net-30 payments, which means they are made once in a month. The minimum payout is $100. The network supports ePayments and wire transfer. Although the company does not charge publishers for withdrawal, fees are charged by a payment network. For example, ePayments has $2.9 monthly submission cost + 2.6% fee for operations in a different currency. As for a wire transfer, the commission depends on the bank used by a customer, so fees vary in this case.


Users can contact the customer support by addressing their manager via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Skype (each publisher and advertiser has its own manager). If you’re not a registered user, you can get in touch with the assistants by using an online form on their official website. 

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes

BidsPush works with various websites and does not have strict requirements for the traffic. However, it will not work with websites containing the following kinds of content:

  • websites/applications that infringe the intellectual property, copyright or trademark or other kinds of rights; 
  • websites/applications that take an interest in or transmit spontaneous email, SMS, spam, messages, and so on; 
  • websites/applications with illicit, false or misleading investment advice; 
  • websites/applications that are under development or have limited content; 
  • websites/applications with more than one popunder or pop-up; 
  • websites/applications with violence, hate, or discrimination towards any individual or gathering of people dependent on their birthplace, ethnic foundation, country, race or religion.

In order to become an Advertiser or а Publisher, you should first submit an application for BidsPush account at our site and be in consistence with present Agreement (if there should be an occurrence of utilizing Self-administration) or register yourself as an Advertiser or а Publisher by reaching BidsPush legitimately, and not utilize any pseudonyms or different intends to cover your actual personality or contact data. After the managers audit your application, they will inform of your acknowledgment or dismissal as BidsPush Advertiser or Publisher. They can acknowledge or dismiss your record enrollment whenever at our sole carefulness under any conditions. BidsPush maintains all authority to include, alter, expel or recover any record details (counting your entries) with or without your assent whenever esteemed suitable at BidsPush sole discretion.

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Referral Program

BidsPush does not have an affiliate program.

CPM Rates

You may compare CPM rates of BidsPush or other ad networks by countries here.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of BidsPush ad network:

BidsPush payment proof
BidsPush payment proof


  • The network provides a self-service platform;
  • All payouts are made automatically;
  • High CPM rates for popunders.

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  • Only monthly payments.

Final thoughts

BidsPush ad network can be recommended only to users whose websites have a lot of traffic because a $100 minimal payment threshold is hard to reach for beginners. The network would be appropriate for working with popunders only – it’s not suitable for other kinds of advertisements. Due to the lack of targeting options and other advertisement tools, it can only be used as an addition to your basic ad partner. 

Click here to register and login to the BidsPush ad network.

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