Evadav Ad Network review

Evadav Ad Network Review 2021

Evadav ad network specializes on push ads and offers a wide range of ad campaign customization and monetization options. The platform works with both adult and mainstream traffic, provides many payment options and 24/7 customer support.

Ad Formats

Push Notifications, Premium Popunder, and In-Page Push Notifications

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Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile, tablet

Offer Types


Evadav ad creatives
Benefits of Evadav ad creatives

Payment Methods & Rules

The minimum payout limit in Evadav is $25. Evadav makes weekly payments – no requests are needed; money is transferred automatically. Loyal partners who attract organic traffic can receive payments on a daily basis – it’s negotiable. Payments are not delayed.

Evadav is one of the most convenient options in terms of payment options. It supports 15 different payment options, including wire, bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Paxum, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Capitalist, and others.

While Evadav does not charge for withdrawal, you should keep in mind that every payment system has internal fees, for example:

  • PayPal fee for withdrawing is 3-5% of the transaction amount; 
  • Payoneer fee for withdrawing via a local bank account usually ranges from $5.95 to $9.95
  • WebMoney charges a 0.8% fee for every transaction, but not less than 0.01 WM (in any supported currency). Additional fees apply depending on the payout option;
  • Skrill fees depend on withdrawal method (Bank account– €5.50, to VISA – 7.5%, to mobile wallet – 1.45% (min. EUR 0.50), ATM withdrawal with Skrill Prepaid Mastercard – 1.75%);
  • Paxum card has yearly maintenance fee amounts of $44.95 plus $2 cash withdrawal fee;
  • Capitalist cards have the fee of 2.5 % + 4 USD / EUR;
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum fees are from $0.04 to $0.22 and $0.11 to $0.39 correspondingly;
  • Wire (bank transfer) commission depends on the bank used by a customer. Fees vary.

Customer Support

Customer support in Evadav is available 24/7. It can be contacted via email (support@evadav.com), Telegram (@evadavhelp), and Skype. 

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Referral Program

Evadav has a referral program: full conditions are available on the official website. 5% is paid to a referrer from the income of referred users. Link and statistics are available in the user’s personal account in real-time.

Referral payouts are made every Monday, but Top partners can perform withdrawals up to twice a day in real-time.

Terms, Conditions and Other Evadav Requirements

Evadav accepts traffic without restrictions by categories. However, all websites pass moderation and should comply with rules. 

Evadav does not accept websites with the following types of content:

  • Content that infringes the licensed innovation rights, privacy, or some other rights of any third-party; 
  • Malware, materials containing infections or other PC codes, records or projects intended to penetrate, decimate or limit the activity of any computer, hardware, or software; 
  • Materials, that advance savagery, racial, national, political, religious intolerance, or promotion against any individual, group, or association. The call for change the political arrangement of a sovereign state, participation in terrorist organizations; 
  • Materials, that promote drugs, weapons, and other prohibited and unlawful products or services, and so forth.

Protection against aggressive ads

To prevent aggressive and inappropriate ads, Evadav performs moderation of ad campaigns before publishing. Also, it is monitoring ad creatives in real-time – prohibited materials are blocked. 

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Evadav provides real-time reviews. Different categories of statistics are available: by date, country, widget, operational system, browser, Sub ID 1, and Sub ID 2 (optional). The value corresponds with the parameter selected:

  • Date – the period which covers the statistics.
  • Unique – the number of unique users
  • Sub – the number of subscriptions
  • CR – Conversion Rate
  • Unsub – number of unsubscriptions
  • Impressions – number of ad impressions
  • Clicks – the number of clicks on ads.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – the cost of one click on a creative campaign.
  • CTR (clickthrough rate) – CTR (clickthrough rate)
  • CPA – CPA earnings
  • TBR – earnings from traffic back
  • Total – total earnings
Evadav statistics
Evadav statistics

CPM Rates

Below, you can check the rates of Evadav:

Evadav mainstream Popunder CPM In-page push CPM Direct Link CPM
France 2.77 0.05 1.23
Germany 1.2 0.12 1.0
USA 0.79 0.13 0.79
Brazil 0.02
China 0.3 0.05 0.3
Indonesia 0.16 0.02 0.0
Bangladesh 0.01
India 0.16 0.16
Evadav adult Popunder CPM In-page push CPM Direct Link CPM
France 2.77 0.05 1.23
Germany 1.2 0.12 1.0
USA 0.79 0.13 0.79
Brazil 0.02
China 0.3 0.05 0.3
Indonesia 0.16 0.02 0.0
Bangladesh 0.01
India 0.16 0.16


Evadav monetizes the entire scope of traffic thanks to a wide network of advertisers and partners. It’s possible to buy a large volume of traffic in advance. 

It offers the following features:

  • Back URL. EvaDav platform supports Trafficback URL. After a successful subscription, you can redirect the visitor to another link to receive push notifications. For this purpose, you can fill the Trafficback URL field in your account.
  • Direct Links for sending traffic. Also, Evadav can create a landing page upon the customer’s request. 
  • Integrated algorithms allow customizing and monetizing ad campaigns by over 20 parameters.  

Tags and anti-adblock are also available. 

Evadav advantages
Evadav advantages


  • Anti-adblock feature available;
  • Weekly payments;
  • Competitive CPM rates for Tier-1;
  • Large choice of payment options (Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Capitalist, Skrill, wire transfers).


  • No live chat for fast customer support is available;
  • Works only with push ads and popunders. 

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Final Thoughts

Evadav ad network works with push ads, popunders, and direct link ads. it supports a large number of payment options (Paxum, WebMoney, Payoneer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Capitalist, Skrill, wire transfers). It provides competitive rates for Tier-1. Customer support is available 24/7. Also, Evadav provides a few convenient features, such as direct links, tags, back URL.

Click here to register and login to Evadav ad network.

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  1. A lot of bot traffic and no refund.

  2. Hello
    Please close the article, delete it, or even mention that evadav is no longer working as before
    It sends fake traffic and its ads are full of viruses

    20.08.2020 - 08:28

    I’m work with evadav as a publisher and advertiser my experience is EvaDav is really Bad Network and support is really Bad.. continue change your PM&AM if you contact your PM&AM HE/SHE answering you 4-5 Days letter ..pls don’t buy and sell traffic this network

  4. abdulrahman refai
    03.06.2020 - 07:49

    They have bot traffic and the mangers give your campaigns to the best affiliates, Also if you get conversions and start picking up they give your campaigns to the best affiliates and give you bad traffic, https://prnt.sc/ssthst https://prnt.sc/ssticc http://prnt.sc/sstipu and the mangers take ages to reply and once you show that they bot traffic they dont even refund you, COMPLETE SCAM!!!! Watch out people dont spend your money this SCAM! network

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