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My friend Casper has been monetizing his website for almost a decade now. In 2010, his newly created streaming website turned out to be a source of quick wealth. It was easy to manage, too.

Back then, banner advertising was not very sophisticated, so you could just randomly choose an advertising company and add the code they provided you with to your website. And that’s all! Money was rolling in. All of a sudden, my good old friend Casper became a little bit haughty; he looked down on other people, smoked premium Treasurer cigarettes and even planned to buy a house in a few years.

Few years went by, his approach to monetizing did not change much since the beginning, but his revenue surely did. You see, it decreased drastically. All the dreams disappeared like the smoke rings Casper used to make with those elite cigarettes. He still wonders why his luck has run out.

The truth is that 10 years ago life was easier for webmasters. The scope of the technological leap that occurred in affiliate marketing since then can only be compared to the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century when automatized machine production displaced hand production leaving old manufacturers who were set in their ways and refused to adjust out of business.

Just like that, there are many webmasters out there who do not bother themselves with learning about new technologies and strategies of affiliate marketing. However, those who prefer to stick with old methods and pay no attention to the changes in the industry have no chance to maintain their previous success.

In order to gain revenue (not only in online advertising but in any other domain as well), you have to be flexible and adaptable, always keeping an ear to the ground.

The greatest secret of modern monetization

In terms of affiliate marketing, the biggest change is that it is no longer profitable to work with one single ad network, no matter how good and solid it is. By doing so you willingly limit your possible earnings. In order to gain significant income, you should work with multiple networks simultaneously and let them compete for your traffic! It is not even that complicated if you use the right tools provided by ad mediation services like, for example, AdSpyglass.

The greatest tool of modern monetization

The principle of its work is not hard to understand. First, you choose all ad networks that you like (grab as many as you want!) and then connect them all through AdSpyglass. Then the process is not harder than the thing my friend Casper used to do – you simply copy the ad code from AdSpyglass and add it to your website. From that moment on AdSpyglass will be thoroughly comparing CPM rates suggested by all networks and displaying the most profitable ads. I bet that with such optimization my friend Casper could smoke expensive cigarettes and look down on people again in no time. And I know for sure that any webmaster can boost his revenue up to 100% using this ad mediation platform.

The greatest issue with the old ways

There is yet another problem in working with ad networks without a mediator. You see, some of those networks are so old-hat that they do not provide you with a self-service option. They completely control advertising and simply rob you with all the commissions they demand for doing so. However, the worst part is that their management is an unbelievably sloppy one because they only care about their own good. For instance, no ad network would care enough to weigh the pros and cons of using popup OR pop-under ad formats on your website. Ill-considered management leads to bad user experience and that means people could become irritated with ads and ignore them or leave the site, maybe never to return.

Final thoughts

No one would ever care about your website like you do, that’s why you should be in full control of everything that is going on with it, including advertising campaigns. With services like AdSpyglass you will be given detailed reports and real-time ad activity, you will know the real value of your traffic, you will also have a dashboard to control it and decide how ads will be displayed in terms of ad formats and frequency. Moreover, through AdSpyglass you can also work with direct buyers and get 100% of the price they give. No more commissions!

As you can see, affiliate marketing is not rocket science, although it is not as basic as it used to be. You just need the right tools to automatize the process and willingness to control it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every ad network. Thanks to ad mediation services like AdSpyglass, publishers can link themselves up to all of the platforms above and reap the benefits that each can offer.

Our process is simple:

  • AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites.
  • AdSpyglass gives our publishers complete transparency over the data we collect
  • We automatically switch your ad tags to the most profitable offers

These create three huge advantages for our users:

  1. An income boost of up to 100% automatically.
  2. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates. You manage all your ads such as network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It helps to avoid mistakes while you add your website templates and saves your time, even more so if you have numerous sites.
  3. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports allowing for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks in one admin panel.

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