TES Affiliate Conference, August 2022

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Networking is a vital part of any business. That’s why the AdSpyglass Group team loves TES Affiliate Conferences so much. Our time at these events is always spent productively and with great fun. We meet with long-term partners and our beloved clients, make new friends and establish long-lasting relations with them. 

About the TES Conferences

Established in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences have become the place to meet and network for online advertising professionals in various niches: the online entertainment industry, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, health, nutraceuticals, and many others as well. 

The conferences usually comprise three days of intensive networking and are held twice a year in various European cities. TES always features an extensive choice of events, namely seminars, lections, expert-to-expert panels, product presentations, interactive sessions, etc. 

The recent TES conference and what the AdSpyglass team was doing there

Of course, as soon as we heard that the next TES conference would be held in Prague on 22-25 August 2022, we bought the tickets and booked the flights to Chech republic. 

Like the previous one, this latest conference was very productive for our team. It was also a lot of fun!

Meeting with publishers and networks

AdSpyglass connects publishers and ad networks. So our main focus was on these two groups. 

The meetings with ad networks were quite productive. With JuicyAds, we discussed the possibility of integrating their banner and video formats with the AdSpyglass platform. With TwinRed, the elimination of difficulties with the real-time stats was discussed. The algorithm of our platform’s work with the network will become a lot better as soon as these difficulties are removed. We also talked about expanding our cooperation on the video and banner formats via RTB with ExoClick as the demand side. Equally important were our meetings with our good old friends Popcash, TrafficStars, and App-shakes.

You will see the results of all these meetings and discussions pretty soon. 

In addition, we met with the publishers. The highlights were meetings with our beloved clients: xxvideo, xxxvideosexy, viviporn, xxxpornhd, xnxxbest, love4porn, 4kporn, and crazyporn. 

Moreover, we had very productive discussions with new publishers on launching websites: secretubes, pornsluthub, hornypornvideo, realpornclub, milfsexhub, blackfuckhub, and povsexhub. All of these sites will soon be available on our DSP Traforama. Therefore, you will see them at the AdSpyglass Marketplace as well. 

Meeting with direct advertisers and media agencies

As you know, Traforama DSP is a part of AdSpyglass Group. Hence, meetings with direct advertisers and media agencies were held by our Traforama team. 

There were several important direct advertisers in Prague, but our most productive talks were with five of them. The result of those talks is the re-launch of Cherry.tv on Traforama and further cooperation with Gamin Adult, FriendFinder, Fuckbook, and Stripchat. 

Of course, media agencies were present at the conference as well. Thus we didn’t pass on the chance to discuss further cooperation and process optimization with Twistbox and Trafficnomads. And we launched with a new partner – Traffickinmedia

All these new partners will make Traforama a stronger demand source. 

The next TES Affiliate Conference

The next TES conference will be held in Cascais, Portugal, on February 22-25, 2023. And the AdSpyglass team will be there! We’d love to see you there and have a drink or two! 

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