Bidvertizer ad network review

Bidvertizer Ad Network Review 2021

Having been around since 2008, the Bidvertizer ad network started as the main competitors of AdSense in the PPC advertising market and has turned into one of the most popular partners for small- to mid-size websites. 

It works with the most widespread advertisement types, including popunders, pop-ups, and banners. There are no strict requirements for website content and no limits on traffic. The network supports several payment methods and combines payment models (CPA, CPM, CPC) for publishers to boost their maximum revenue. It’s also possible thanks to the bidding process. 

Ad types

Popunders, banners

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Offer types


Traffic types

Desktop, mobile, and tablets.

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Targeting Options

When it comes to targeting options, BidVertizer lacks functionality. The ads are not targeted very accurately depending on the type of content on the website. Yet, you still have the choice of target country/location, category of ad, and the bid amount for a per click of the ad. Other available targeting options include:

  • Device;
  • Browser;
  • ISP;
  • Carrier;
  • User-agent;
  • Dayparting.
Bidvertizer features
Bidvertizer features

Payment Rules

Withdrawals in Bidvertizer are made via PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer and check on a monthly basis. No withdrawal fees apply. The minimum payout limit for PayPal is $10, for bank transfers and checks – $100. 

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Payment Methods

Bidvertizer allows for payouts via PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer and check. Please, note that Bidvertizer is not held liable for mistakes if the wrong Bitcoin wallet address has been provided: always double-check the address because cryptocurrency payments are non-reversible.

Although Bidvertiser does not charge a withdrawal fee, the payment systems have their own commissions:

  • PayPal charges a fee of 3-5% of the transaction amount;
  • Wire transfer/check. The withdrawal commission might be charged by a bank for a further withdrawal. A user has to find out the fees charged by his local bank;
  • Bitcoin charge depends on the network capacity and business and usually starts from $0.20-0.30.


Bidvertizer’s customer support center is located in the United Kingdom. Customers’ requests are addressed within 24 hours. You can contact the customer support by creating a ticket on the official website.

Also, there is an extensive knowledge database for advertisers and publishers: the articles guide users through the process of creation and customization of ads, and other processes.

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes

Recently, BidVertizer started accepting adult content website, however, it services separately from the non-adult (regular) network. While publishers with mainstream traffic websites can apply for the program directly, the adult website owners need to contact the customer support service to get more information.

Bidvertizer leaves the right not to accept a website that:

  • contains, promotes, or is connected with violent or sexually explicit content; 
  • advances, portrays or is connected with the material that advances or delineates segregation dependent on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical or mental handicap, sexual orientation, or age; 
  • contains unlawful material, including yet not constrained to materials that may disregard another’s intellectual property rights or connections to a site that contains such material; 
  • contains data in regards to, illegal activities and any criminal behavior; or 
  • for whatever other explanation that is esteemed by their team to be unacceptable.

Referral Program

Bidvertizer has an affiliate program for users. If a client refers an advertiser, he will be credited with $5 when a new user signs up as an advertiser and first spends $10. When that same user spends $50, the referrer is credited with an extra $20.

When a referred user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, Bidvertizer credits the referrer with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, Bidvertizer pays extra $40.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of Bidvertizer ad network:

Bidvertiser payment proof
Bidvertizer payment proof


  • The minimum payout limit is as low as $10.
  • The self-service platform is available.


  • Only the Net30 system is supported.

Click here to register and login to Bidvertizer ad network.

Final thoughts

If you run a small website and want to start with something different from AdSense, trying Bidvertizer makes sense. Especially, if you target Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries (the popunder CPM for these regions is pretty competitive). Taking into account a low payout limit, Bidvertizer would be a good choice for starters. However, this ad network is not recommended for well-established websites and publishers who do care about user experience: the ad type is not always related to the website content, which means a lower number of clicks per view. 

Need more choice?

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