Google mobile-first indexing

Google to switch all sites to mobile-first indexing by default in September 2020

Google announced that in September 2020, it will switch to mobile-first indexing for all websites. What does this mean for webmasters and site owners?

Google automatically recognizes sites that are convenient for viewing on mobile. For sites adapted for mobile, there is more loyalty and Googlebot appears on them more often.

Google mobile-first indexing

From the recommendations of Google, there are several main ones. In 2020, it is definitely not worth creating a separate mobile version. Moreover, it is unreasonable to place it on a subdomain, like or Google has a lot more detail over here.

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Long-term statistics show that working with two versions and their content is time-consuming, expensive, and in fact, an impossible task. So, the main trend of the early twenties is responsive web design.

Today, more than 70% of sites in search results have already been converted to mobile-first indexing. So Google will transfer a third of all sites to mobile indexing (or rather a bigger number than 30% cause what is in Google’s index and what Google serves to searchers – not the same number).

Those who have not yet made their site convenient for mobile devices should hurry. It is interesting that there are old and reputable sites among such resources. However, the number of smartphones has already exceeded the number of computers, and mobile traffic is often more than 90%. Search engine loyalty to inconvenient resources will only decline.

How to make your site mobile-friendly? Here’s what’s important to adapt your site to mobile devices:

  • simple designs;
  • only vertical scrolling;
  • a responsive theme on CMS;
  • standard fonds;
  • convenience in filling out forms and simplicity of all conversion actions;
  • structured text: headings, sections, bulleted lists, and visual content;
  • high-speed loading mobile pages;
  • not blocking Javascript, CSS, or Image Files;
  • the adaptability of the size of images and video materials;
  • mobile-friendly Pop-Ups;
  • reading text on any element without difficulty.

And don’t forget to test your site using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.

Not enough information? Watch our demo video, “how it works” video or read the AdSpyglass review.

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