How to manage ads on website

How to Manage Ads On Your Website

After reading this article you’ll learn how to monetize your traffic more effectively and positively influence user behavior. The tips are as follows.

Find the Right Place

Fortunately, the times when Internet websites looked like tabloid magazines filled with myriads of garish ads are long gone. Today webmasters strive to find the balance of ads quantity and their quality. Moreover, stockpiling useless ads on your site means slowing down its load time and therefore lowering the Google indexation rank (slow pages mean that fewer of them are crawled by Google) and damaging user experience (higher bounce rates and lower conversions).

Do not stockpile your ads
Do not stockpile your ads

It is better to place an advertisement at the top of the page, above the content users are initially driven to – in that way they will at least notice it and scroll it down patiently to get to the information they needed in the first place. On the contrary, there is little use in placing an ad banner under the content, because it is unlikely users will notice it and that means you won’t get paid.

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There are myriads of spots in your website layout where you could place an advertising. The problem is you never know for sure what place is the most beneficial one and will generate you higher return. Of course, you can find it out by trial and error, but there is also a better solution, namely using services specially designed for automatic determining what spot and what type of ad perform better on your website. The automatic a/b testings could help you to overcome the users’ blindness for banners and overall improve the layout of your website.

Show Relevant Ads Only

Show relevant ads only
Show relevant ads only

But to make visitors see the ad is only half the battle. They have to get interested – relevant advertising is more likely to bring you money. In the case of adult websites, for instance, do not use ads with hardcore content on the website that contains mostly softcore videos. Another example is that, obviously,  there is no point in displaying ads with women on gay websites.

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To make your life easier, there is a special feature provided by AdSpyglass, that allows you to automatically extract video keywords and transmit them to ad networks. Some ad networks provide the correlation of ads they give you with the keywords/tags you gave them so you could boost the CPM rate by personalizing ad campaigns for your target audience.

Think If Native Advertising is Worth It

When ads seamlessly correlate with the website’s contents, it is called native advertising. It is quite effective. Its main feature is that it tricks users into clicking on it more often. That is why the CTR is rather high, although users do not usually buy anything. Note that such ads are misleading and can sometimes be considered as malware advertising or push advertising.

Bring the AdBlock Down

AdBlock is the global scourge of online advertising and we have to do everything to discourage users from using it. Your site has to be so unobtrusive in terms of advertising that users would not even think of activating AdBlock. Unobtrusive means that ads should not overlap site elements or the content as well as ads should not distract users in any way from reading it.

Make ads unobtrusive
Make ads unobtrusive

Use PopUnder, but do it Wisely

Clickunder advertising is super lucrative, but do not get carried away! You ought to find a happy medium between maximizing your profit and staying user-friendly. Also, when using clickunders make sure to study all the ins and outs of this type of advertising. For instance, popunder works in Firefox but is blocked in Chrome and other browsers so for those you’d have to use tabunder. To know more about popunder fine-tuning read this.

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In terms of  clickunder advertising it is also important not to attack people with ten pop unders for every individual user. It is quite understandable that you had spent some money to attract users to your site and your desire to make this money back is perfectly natural. However, aggressive advertising never works. It is always better to lower the pressure by showing fewer ads that will make users want to come back. By this approach, you get lesser gain multiple times instead of showing the maximum amount of ads and thus earning the maximum amount of money once while scaring users away.

Final Thoughts

There is one simple truth you have to understand: ad networks are ad content suppliers but they can not influence the ad selection process for every site. That is where the trick to successful monetizing lies – in the rightly adjusted displaying of ads on your website.

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