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Specializing in pop-under advertisements, PopMyAds was founded in 2014 and turned into a well-established ad network used by advertisers and publishers from all over the world. The ad network is praised for its flexibility and payments for every visitor – this is why it is recommended to both large website owners and beginners.

The network works with both desktop and mobile traffic featuring the whole gamut of geo-targeting options. PopMyAds has pretty high CPM rates and has a high fill rate, which means ads will be always shown on the pages. There are no minimum traffic requirements, and the network approves almost any website that complies with its adequate terms. This ad network can be used by both mainstream and adult content websites.

In this overview, we will discuss the network features, types of supported ads, rates, and so on.

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Ad Types:

For all types of traffic, only pop-up and pop-under ads are available

Offer types:


Traffic Types:

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Targeting Options

Targeting is available by country, OS, browser, source (adult/mainstream), frequency cap (unique/no capping). ID inclusions and exclusions are also available.

Advantages of PopMyAds
Advantages of PopMyAds

Payment Rules:

Payments can be withdrawn on a daily basis upon the customer’s request. The processing of wire transfer requests takes up to 10 days. PayPal and Payza payment requests are processed within 24 hours.

No commissions apply to payment withdrawals – users receive the full balance. 

PopMyAds CPM rate depends on a variety of factors, such as visitor’s country, your website’s and niche, and even day of the week and time of day. Mostly, CPM rates depend on the location and traffic: for example, the traffic from Europe will bring more revenue than India and China. 

PopMyAds: CPM by country
PopMyAds: CPM by country

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Payment Methods

Available withdrawal methods for publishers include:

  • PayPal – minimal withdrawal is $5
  • Payza – minimal withdrawal is $5
  • Wire transfer – minimal withdrawal is $500 (the customer support should be contacted)

PopMyAds does not charge for withdrawal and deposit – fees might be requested by the payment system you use.

Payouts are made upon request, and funds are withdrawn within 1-7 days.

Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof of PopMyAds ad network:


PopMyAds customer support is available via email (support@popmyads.com) or can be contacted with the help of form (ticket) on the website. The replies are usually sent within a day. Also, you can get in touch with the company representatives on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Currently, there is no live chat option available.

Customer support contact form
Customer support contact form

If you have some simple questions, don’t hesitate to check the FAQ section on the official website – it provides all the essential information about rates, rules, withdrawals, and so on. Generally, PopMyAds support team is quite fast and user-friendly, so feel free to contact them any time.

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

Although PopMyAds works with websites of any topic and with any level of traffic, it has certain conditions and requirements to participants:

  • They do not work with websites containing content connected with illegal activities (terrorism, hacking, etc), shock gore content, child pornography or any depiction of a minor in an adult or sexual situation, with gratuitous displays of violence, obscene or vulgar language, and abusive content, content promoting any type of hate-mongering racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal), false and advice and money-making advice.
  • Sites of type “Bitcoin faucet” or similar are not allowed.
  • Self-referred accounts are not allowed and are usually closed.
  • If you work with Google AdSense, note that in this case, Google allows having up to 3 pop-up banners.
  • They do not work with websites using fake traffic of any kind. If you run a website with non-organic traffic, you should contact the support team.

If you have been found to use sources of non-organic traffic, your account will be banned by PopMyAds.

Referral Program

PopMyAds offers a referral program that allows customers to earn 10% of the revenue generated by the referred publishers for a lifetime. Referrals can be attracted by any appropriate means (blogging, social media, text links, and so on).

CPM Rates

You can compare PopMyAds’ CPM rates vs other networks by using this tool.


  • Accepts websites with any volume of traffic
  • Quick and user-friendly customer support
  • Back URLs for unsold traffic are supported
  • Users can implement anti-adblock solutions
  • Zero withdrawal commissions

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  • Lack of payment options (only PayPal, Payza and wire transfers are available at the moment)
  • Only two ad types are supported (popups and popunders)
  • You can receive a direct link only after website approval

Final thoughts:

If you plan to maximize your earnings using pop-ups and pop-under ads, but your website does not generate much traffic yet, it’s highly recommended to try PopMyAds. Although the list of available ad formats is limited, this ad network provides all conditions for easy income. First, they support websites with any amount of traffic and any topic (even adult ones) – this is a rare option among many popular ad networks. Secondly, the minimum payout is 5$ only, and you can request it at any time.

Since there are several targeting options and the CPM rates are flexible, you can expect to get fair payments. To top it off, there is a helpful customer support service and a generous referral program. If you consider using a pop-up ad network, this might be a decent choice thanks to a few competitive advantages.

Click here to register in PopMyAds ad network.

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