RoyalAds Ad Network Review 2021

For publishers wishing to monetize their desktop and mobile traffic, RoyalAds is an ad network awaiting their business. One important thing to note about this service is that popunders are the only ad formats allowed – a point which may create problems for sites that demand a spread of inventory.
The minimum payout is a reasonable $50 and is available on request through webmoney, Paxum, wire transfer and even Bitcoin. There is also a referral program offering publishers the chance to earn 6% of a new publisher’s commission, provided it was them who connected them to RoyalAds.
For any customer support queries, there is the option of taking things through email and Skype. 

Ad Types:

For Desktop

  • Popunders

For Mobile

  • Popunders

Offer Types:

CPM (Cost per mille)

Traffic Types

Desktop and mobile

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Payment Rules

The minimum payment of $50 is handy for publishers that don’t anticipate earning lots of money through RoyalAds, or at least can’t guess what they might earn. Publishers can withdraw money from their accounts on a request basis, where they wait between one to two days for their money to come through. This is a lot better than on some networks, where scheduled pay runs can lead to long waits for earnings, despite publishers being able to request it whenever.
Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney and wire transfer are the payment options and there is nothing made of charges for using these options. In this case, it is best for the publishers to asses the fees applied by the payment platforms they use in order to find the cheapest way of collecting funds.


Getting customer support from RoyalAds is easily achieved. For basic enquiries that can wait a little longer to be answered, there is the generic email address. If something is a little more pressing, the service has a Skype account which can usually guarantee a quick response. Check if they have multi-language support.

Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:

TBC – none on site

Specialist in adult traffic

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Referral Program

RoyalAds has a unique referral program due to the rate of commission top-ups it can offer. Usually a network will offer 5% or 10% of a new publisher’s commission to the site that referred them. On RoyalAds this is 6%, which should help smaller publishers reach the minimum $50 mark.


  • Good level of customer support through email and Skype
  • Minimum payout of $50 on request basis
  • Offer back URLs help distribute any unsold traffic


  • Only allows popunders
  • Our investigations found the fill rate to be low

CPM Rates:

You may compare RoyalAds’ eCPM rates with other ad networks by countries here.

Royalads adult Popunder CPM
France 0.06
Germany 0.04
USA 0.09
China 0.01
Indonesia 0.07
India 0.02

Final thoughts:

RoyalAds may be a popunder-only network, but there are several positives that come from the service.
The minimum payout of $50 is handy for publishers who can’t afford to sign-up to a network that won’t pay them for only a small amount of traffic. This is available on a request basis, leaving only a couple of days before any money that’s earned is collected, with PayPal, Paxum, wire transfer, webmoney and Bitcoin all offered as methods of removing funds.
To assist publishers in getting to the minimum amount, there is a referral program which pays 6% of a new site’s commission from RoyalAds to the person that connected them to the platform.
Levels of customer support are good thanks to options for contacting via email and Skype, which could be a huge positive for publishers that need a bit of help in earning money.

On a less positive note, we found the fill rates to be under what some networks can offer. This could impact the amount a publisher can earn from RoyalAds, even despite offer back URLs helping to sell any unsold traffic. Then, you have the most obvious point – the fact that popunders are the only ad formats allowed. For some publishers, this could be a big point which puts them off the service entirely.

Overall, there are some good points to be made about RoyalAds, provided the publisher is happy with limitations around ad formats.

Click here to register and login to Royal Ads advertisement network.

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  1. helpful post!

  2. CPM rate of Banner Ads is really low compared to Popunders. But I think every Ad Networks should have both Banner Ads and Popunders option. DO they support PayPal? If so, what does the transaction cost?

  3. It is good that they are offering 6% for Referral. Usually, other networks are offering 5%. I am using about 5 sites. Can I referral myself? Is there any option?

  4. I’m thinking of starting a website where I’ll be linking to downloadable apps. This is a good option. Then what are the alternative ad networks that don’t give a damn what content you’re sharing on your website.

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