Top JuicyAds Alternatives 2022

Top JuicyAds Alternatives
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Selling ads on your website is the best way to get revenue from your hard work. But doing the whole advertising campaign is not an easy deal. Thus you have to think of choosing an ad network that will act as a technical and commercial mediator between you as a publisher and advertisers. Here the question arises: which platform is the best?
Today we will review JuicyAds ad network and its top alternatives. Being one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks in the World rated by W3Techs, JuicyAds stands for the most profitable monetization solutions. However, users find a ”dark side” of this platform as well. Let’s have a look at one of the most popular ad networks on the market and its alternatives.

Reasons Why Webmasters Choose JuicyAds

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Reasons Why Webmasters Choose JuicyAds

JuicyAds is one of the world’s leading ad networks, launched in 2006. Their experts have decades of experience to help you get the maximum revenue from your site. See JuicyAds’ distinctive features and find out why this platform is so popular.

High CPM Rates

JuicyAds are distinguished by their high CPM and CPC rates. They pay publishers even up to $0.4 per click. There is no minimum CPM or CPC module. The rates depend on the country of visitor, traffic, and advertiser. On average JuicyAds gives from $0.01 to $0.4 for one click. Such countries like the US, UK, and Canada collect the highest CPM and CPC rates when other countries including Asia and Russia do not go far from them. For popunders, publishers get from $0.5 to $2.

Profitable Referral Program

They pay a $20 commission from direct ad sales. The more your referrals earn, the more money you get. It works with the commission from JuicyAds, however the affiliate program from publisher earning equals between 5% to 10%.

Profit-Making Payment Rules

There is another fact that makes JuicyAds an outstanding ad network – they allow $25 minimum earning to be obtained via PayPal, Payoneer, and Paxum. The platform itself doesn’t provide any charges for transactions, only payment services set their fees.

Weak Points of JuicyAds

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Weak Points of JuicyAds

As with every ad network, JuicyAds has its strong and weak points. See their cons beneath!

Poor Ad Types Variety

Although JuicyAds has great CPM rates it offers webmasters only two types of ad formats: pop-unders and banners. Moreover, the platform is not mobile-orientated and it doesn’t have mobile banner traffic. It is not attractive as you being a webmaster will not place the ads as video banners, or display banners, or instant messages, etc. They do not limit users for placing ads but recommend orientating on the visual side of the website and avoiding excessive banners.

Poor Customer Support

When a problem arises, customers can seek help in the available 24/7 platform. But there you can find only general answers. If the problem is more complicated, you can contact JuicyAds’s experts only via email which makes it hard to resolve.

Confusing Admin Panel

If you are new in the sphere of advertising, you would better consult the expert before using JuicyAds. Their platform is not easy to use and it takes a bit of time and perseverance to set up.

Reasons to Switch to Another Platform

JuicyAds is a leading but old-fashioned ad network that helps webmasters to get profits and high revenue from the ad campaign. They can’t provide you with all the modern features and thus the problem of choice arises. To know which platform is better read about JuicyAds alternatives and choose your best one.

Top Things to Remember While Looking for the Alternative Ad Network

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Top Things to Remember While Looking for the Alternative Ad Network

There are many ad networks on the market that can offer you a successful monetization program. But they all have strong and weak points. Thus before you reach an agreement with one of them, you should consider all key points that will endow you with good revenue. Firstly, think about the size of the advertiser network. It is obvious that the company with 10,000 advertisers gives more chances for success than the one with 1,000 advertisers. A large network has better contextual targeting and thus higher CTR rates. The more advertisers, the more geographic areas are covered. You should pay special attention to the quality offered by the platform. By poor quality the whole advertising campaign is worthless. Coupled with that, you should check the available ad formats otherwise the same ad types will not attract visitors. When the campaign works out well, it is time to get money. Beneficial ad network proposes using various payment systems and convenient payment rules.

Ways to Find JuicyAds Alternative

While the most effective technique is a trial and error method, you can’t waste so much time checking every network. But you can read the reviews and comparisons of JuicyAds and other networks such as ExoClick, TwinRed, and Traffic Stars, and consider your choice.

ExoClick as Another Option

ExoClick vs JuicyAds

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Compare CPM, payment methods, and ad formats: ExoClick vs JuicyAds | JuicyAds vs ExoClick

ExoClick Special Features

ExoClick comes to the world of ad networks with more than 20 ad formats. The platform offers you a variety of video formats and banners both for desktop and mobile. They are especially good in targeting options: keyword, language, device, site, and more types of targeting are ready to boost your performance.

They have a user-friendly service. You can follow your advertising performance with real-time statistics and 24/7 customer support. When you reach the minimum earning, you can get the money via Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, WebMoney, or wire transfer. ExoClick suggests using a referral program that includes 5% of the revenue generated by referred publishers.

ExoClick vs JuicyAds

has more than 20 ad formats
has user-friendly service
provides weekly payments
offers a 5% referral program
allows only $25 minimum payment
offers 20% beneficial referral program
has a self-service program
gives back URLs for unsold traffic

Pros Of Using ExoClick Instead Of JuicyAds

ExoClick impresses with its wide range of ad formats. This platform is perfectly suitable for entertainment, adult, and lifestyle niches. With JuicyAds optimized targeting options, your website performance will reach the highest rate positions. ExoClick provides desktop and mobile traffic through the CPM model. They allow a low minimum payout compared to the competitors. ExoClick works with clean ads and without malware and viruses.

Cons Of Using ExoClick Instead Of JuicyAds

Although ExoClick is a large and complete ad network with lots of data and stats, it operates weak fraud protection. When it comes to customer support, this platform suggests using an only connection via email. ExoClick is open for various types of websites, but they prefer more partnerships with adult-orientated websites.

TwinRed as Another Option

TwinRed vs JuicyAds

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Compare CPM, payment methods, and ad formats: TwinRed vs JuicyAds | JuicyAds vs TwinRed

TwinRed Special Features

As known as DoublePimp, TwinRed is a leading service in the niche of ad networks with the self-service, private marketplace, XML integrations, and open RTB options. This platform has over a decade of positive experience, giving webmasters many advanced optimization features to maximize their revenue.

With TwinRed tracking capabilities, you can get information about your advertising campaign performance at any time. The ad network provides many tracing tokens directly within the platform.

Needless to say, retargeting plays the main role in getting maximum results of user data. TwinRed has to offer state-of-the-art targeting in a wide range of types to fit your expectations. While all targeting options are defined for general purposes of the website, personal targeting stands for such targeting features as country, city, browser, device, IP, etc. And all these functions are provided by TwinRed.

Coupled with high ad quality, this ad network is orientated for a safe advertising campaign. TwinRed has everything to keep your website safe and sound: from as-fraud prevention options to constant advertising campaign screening. If something is unclear, you can easily get in touch with TwinRed experts via email and Skype.

TwinRed vs JuicyAds

provides self-service platform
provides full tracking capabilities
has strong fraud-prevention tools
offers precise user targeting
has strong CPMs in all countries, including Russia and Asia
has convenient payment rules
works with a 20% referral program
is malware-free

Pros Of Using TwinRed Instead Of JuicyAds

TwinRed strongly stands for the security of the ads. The platform has to offer various fraud prevention options to save you from unnecessary worries. This ad network focuses on maximizing your revenue and ad performance especially through personal targeting by country, city, IP, etc. They have a dedicated expert team and responsive customer support to be 24/7 ready to help you.

Cons Of Using TwinRed Instead Of JuicyAds

Indeed, TwinRed is an expert in conducting advertising campaigns. But its users have defined some minuses in their cooperation. The platform doesn’t provide a referral program thus the customers can’t reach the maximum in their earnings. If you want to get money via wire transfer, you should earn a high deposit. Customers also complain that not all ad formats are functional.

TrafficStars As Another Option

trafficstars or juicyads

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Compare CPM, payment methods, and ad formats: TrafficStars vs JuicyAds | JuicyAds vs TrafficStars

TrafficStars Special Features

As the name implies, TrafficStars is a star in delivering traffic. They make over 4 billion impressions daily, which is too good to be true.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this platform can be mastered within a little time. Their user-friendly interface is simple and ready to work at any time. The functions of targeting and retargeting are also included. You can target users by country, site, language, IP range, browser, career, etc. Retargeting works with the most powerful tools to boost your website performance on a new level.

TrafficStars offer a wide range of pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPMV, and DCPM. Depending on your purposes, you can choose the most appropriate one. What is special about this ad network, is that their experts deliver up-to-date data about your advertising campaign to be sure that everything goes smooth. They provide detailed, real-time statistics and spot the key features that need to be optimized. Thanks to their real-time bidding system, you can reach the source of a billion daily impressions by selecting a personal bid for the placement and targeting.

TrafficStars developers promise you a personal account manager that will assist you through your journey in the world of advertising. Coupled with that you can discuss general questions via email.

TrafficStars vs JuicyAds

has easy to set up a platform
has real-time statistics and a real-time bidding system
provides advanced targeting and retargeting options
offers a number of pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPMV, and DCPM
offers maximum exposure with pop-unders, loaded behind the active window
ensures high ads quality with no malware and scam
provides targeted marketing
provides responsive customer care

Pros Of Using TrafficStars Instead Of JuicyAds

TrafficStars is a publisher-orientated ad network that has everything publishers will need to conduct a successful ad campaign: real-time statistics, automatic payouts, a lot of ad formats, compliant ads, and a dedicated customer team with your personal account manager. They provide a 100% fill rate and high CPM rates.

Cons Of Using TrafficStars Instead Of JuicyAds

This platform looks very convenient and efficient to use, but the customers tell TrafficStars has its cons as well. The users face tough regulations on banners. The minimum $100 payout is larger than in JuicyAds. And there is no function of getting commission with the referral program.

Ad Mediation As The Best Options for Replacing JuicyAds

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Compare Top Ad Networks CPMs, Ad Types, Payment methods, and Pros & Cons

Ad Mediation As The Best Options for Replacing JuicyAds

No matter how popular and effective the ad network is, it still has some imperfections that make the ad campaign somehow complicated. Some of the platforms are good in CPM and have poor customer support, and some of them offer various ad formats but have no referral program. The thing is that there is no one perfect ad network that can cover your all needs in the best way. But the idea of gathering only the best features from many services is real. That is how ad mediation works. The service combines only the best offer by all major ad networks, including JuicyAds, ExoClick, TwinRed, TrafficStars, etc. Moreover, ad mediation doesn’t allow any cons that were discussed previously, it picks up the best features that the certain network has to offer and creates the best conditions to build your ad campaign successfully.

Why You Should Choose Ad Mediation Instead Of Any Single Ad Network

Instead of dealing with the options that one single network offers, you can make use of 35 ad network features already included in ad mediation. Because the AdSpyglass network compares the offers and shows the ones with the highest CPM, you can be sure that you will get the best service at the best rates. You will also get a 5% from the referral program for life if you involve a partner. When it comes to revenue, you can receive money via various payment systems and with a $10 minimum earning.

AdSpyglass Ad Mediation vs JuicyAds

While you use JuicyAds with its 2 ad formats available, people choose ad mediation with a lot of ad formats. AdSpyglass customer support is very responsive and ready to answer your questions anytime. JuicyAds conversely provides support connection only via email. But the services both offer high CPM rates, profitable referral programs, and diverse payment systems to get the revenue quickly.

Final Thoughts

As you see, even the most modern and well-known networks such as JuicyAds, ExoClick, TwinRed, and TrafficStars can’t provide you with all the excellent features. They work well, but some things like lack of referral programs or poor customer support work not for your profit. But instead of using a single service, you can consider using ad mediation where popular ad networks are bound together with the one purpose: to help you get the maximum revenue.

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