ZeroPark Ad Network Review 2022

ZeroPark ad network review
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Having been around since 2011, ZeroPark is an advanced AI-based ad network that supports the most popular ad formats, including popunders and popups. It is created to bid on traffic from domain redirects and supports different types of campaigns: RON (run on network), keyword, target, and multi-geo. Zeropark platform boasts an intuitive interface and responsive customer support. 

Ad Types

Pops (pop unders, pop overs, pop ups, new tab)

Offer Types


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Traffic Types

Desktop, mobile and tablets

Targeting Options

ZeroPark offers a myriad of optimization & targeting options, such as:

  • OS targeting;
  • Browser and website targeting;
  • Demographic targeting;
  • ISP/Carrier/IP targeting;
  • Time targeting;
  • Category targeting.

The convenient self-serve platform allows you to set up ads for any audience. Besides, ZeroPark supports gambling and adult ads. If you have some issues with targeting, you can contact your personal account manager. 

ZeroPark advantages
ZeroPark advantages

Payment Rules

ZeroPark supports two major payment methods: PayPal and wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 for PayPal and $1,000 for wire transfer. Payments are made once a month since Net-30 system is supported only. 

Although ZeroParak does not charge for withdrawal, payment systems have their own internal fees. For example, PayPal charges 3-5% of the transaction amount. The commission of wire transfer depends on the bank and may vary. 


Customers can contact the support team via email, Skype or ZeroPark messenger system. The contacts of the ad campaign manager are provided in the user’s account. Response time is pretty short: as a rule, assistance answer within a few minutes. 

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Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes

ZeroPark works with all types of traffic and allows setting up campaigns for adult websites and gambling projects. However, it has a few restrictions on the type of content served. A publisher conducting advertising activities should always comply with local and federals laws and regulations.

ZeroPark does not accept websites with the following types of traffic:

  • violent pornography and child pornography;
  • hate-mongering or violence-related materials;
  • threatening, harassing or malicious content defaming certain individuals or groups of people;
  • content promoting racism, harassment, illegal drugs;
  • traffic generated by illegal methods, including but not limited to: zero pixel frames, hitbots, clickbots, spiders, cgi-scripts, DNS hacking, spoofing or pharming;
  • other contents banned by laws of Poland, EU and/or the USA.

Besides, ZeroPark will not use content, hardware, software, data and any other materials that violate the trademark or copyright, or any other intellectual property of third parties. 

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Referral Program

ZeroPark does not have a referral program so far. 

CPM Rates

You can compare CPM rates of ZeroPark other ad networks by countries here.

ZeroPark interface
ZeroPark interface


  • A convenient self-service platform for publishers;


  • Net-30 payments;
  • The minimum withdrawal is $100. 

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Final Thoughts

Although ZeroPark has an intuitive dashboard and relatively high CPM rates, this ad network should rather be recommended to advanced users. Why? First, it has a high minimum payout which means a publisher’s website should generate pretty much traffic. Secondly, there is a large choice of targeting options provided – this is a strong advantage for experienced publishers who seek a rich selection of tools. But before you sign up, mind one serious flaw: ZeroPark’s traffic reporting instruments aren’t always working correctly, so you might need an alternative solution for tracking.  

Click here to register and login to ZeroPark ad network.

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  1. I opened a new advertiser account with Zeropark in November 2020. Deposited $200 but they charged me $208… I’ve tested 2 popular verticals – gambling and men’s health product. I’ve tried their domain redirection with targeted keywords, full page popup traffic and RON. I even used their whitelist provided by Zeropark manager for gambling vertical. After spending $145 and 0 conversions I requested a refund of the $55 balance but the Zeropark manager refused saying that the 1st deposit is non refundable… I disputed it with PayPal and Zeropark suspended my account the next day. I believe that the Zeropark traffic (almost 10,000 clicks) I paid for was fraudulent (bot traffic) therefore I would not recommend their marketing services to any advertiser. I really feel that I was scammed.

    • Hi there.
      We are sorry about your bad experience with Zeropark. In this article, we’ve mostly tried to cover the main aspects of the platform from the publisher’s standpoint.

      However, if you’re interested in buying traffic and working as an advertiser we recommend trying out our new product – Traforama.

      Let us know what you think about it. Your opinion really matters to us!

      Have a great day!

  2. First they send LQ nonconverting traffic. Then they refuse to refund the remainder funds. Then they close the account.

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