How Payments are made at AdSpyglass

It is time to discuss the most vital and imperative subject in the context of an affiliate marketing, namely the profit you get from it. Working with AdSpyglass has presumably already increased your income from the monetization of your site. Do bear in mind that the smart usage of our platform’s technological possibilities along with a bit of luck could escalate your revenue up to 100%.

Our platform is making every possible effort to help you accomplish this goal or maybe go even further! Therefore, among other things we provide you with there is a convenient Balance dashboard that makes it is easy to control your income and see if everything is going smoothly.

What’s the deal with TWO Balances?

You have probably noticed that you actually have two different panels that are displaying your current balance. The numbers displayed can, however, differ. Do not let it confuse you!

The thing is that the panel in the upper-right corner of your screen shows, in fact, the expected payouts whereas the other panel displays the sum of money that had been already received by AdSpyglass from the networks you work with. This money will be 100% paid to you during the upcoming payment period. The expected payouts are also very likely to convert into valid income (in 99% as the practice shows).

When is the payment period?

We are proceeding payments twice per month. Usually on the 5th and on the 20th day of every month. If the fixed schedule occurs on a non-processing day (weekends or holidays) the payment will be postponed to the first upcoming business day. AdSpyglass doesn’t have any holding periods, all the funds received from our partners are paid to you directly.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout permitted by our platform is just $10.

Do not forget to choose the most convenient payment method and set up everything in your profile. (My Profile -> Payment Information)

Why there is a remainder?

We are partners with more than 30 different ad networks and RTB systems. As you understand every one of them has its own specifications and terms including the established procedure of payouts. Some networks will pay you twice per month (Plugrush, Adsterra, TrafficHunt), others will do it on the NET30 basis (Propellerads, AdCash, Clickadu) and sometimes there are networks that will make payouts once every 45 days.

Taking into account that the dates of payouts from different networks do not necessarily coincide, there will often be a certain amount of money that could not be included into the upcoming payment period. No need to worry, this money is safe and sound with us and will be paid to you as soon as possible.

Besides mismatching dates, we cannot discount the possibility of technical issues from either our or our partners’ side as well as a human factor (with some networks the payment process is not automated and depends on a certain person). Anyway, the concerted actions of AdSpyglass and its partners are always directed towards your most comfortable working experience.

I still have one more question…

Do not hesitate to ask either via the chat box on our website or via email. Our team will help you as soon as possible.

Feel free to reach out to us through our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page

About AdSpyglass

Thanks to ad mediation service AdSpyglass, publishers can link through their ad campaigns all of networks they work with and reap the benefits that each can offer by doubling the revenue.

Our process is simple:

  • AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites.
  • AdSpyglass gives our publishers complete transparency over the data we collect
  • We automatically switch your ad tags to the most profitable offers

These create three huge advantages for our users:

  1. An income boost of up to 100% automatically.
  2. There is no need to change ad tags to reply on your websites templates. You manage all your ads such as network ads or your own ads directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It helps to avoid mistakes while you add your website templates and saves your time, even more so if you have numerous sites.
  3. You can see detailed statistics from all inventory ad networks in AdSpyglass reports allowing for granular analysis and the optimizing of campaigns from all your networks in one admin panel.

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