In-Page Push

New native ad format In-Page Push

AdSpyglass has launched a new native advertising format called In-Page Push. It can give you an additional income to existing ad formats because it has 2-3 times higher CPM than banners. In-Page Push doesn’t need subscription permission and available for mainstream and adult traffic.

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SEO Tools

A Complete List of 30 SEO Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier

To be honest, there is a whole ocean of SEO tools. We analyzed the best SEO blogs and selected the 40 webmaster tools. Many tools are so interesting and multifunctional that there is no way to present their full description here. However, we will try to say a few words about each of them. In addition to brief descriptions, we will provide pricing information. 

We’ll start with Google services – maybe you know all of them (or not) –  and move on to the others most mentioned on large webmaster websites. 

At the end of the article, you will find a mention of one bonus tool, which is so obvious that many simply forget about it. Enjoy reading and share in the comments below which tools you use.

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not work with ad networks using fixed CPM

Why you should not work with ad networks using fixed CPM

For ad networks, working with major webmasters is a profitable and prestigious deal. Therefore, they are ready to offer their best conditions to gain more traffic. The most common way to attract webmasters is to offer a fixed CPM. Often this CPM is also far above the market.

On the one hand, this is convenient: you know how much money you will earn this month if the amount of traffic on your sites does not change. It is also a guarantee that you will sell all your traffic. It looks like the ad network takes all the risks of monetization. It sounds very tempting, and it’s hard to refuse such an offer. 

But let’s see why ad networks are so happy to take all these risks and what it brings to you in the end.

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Opera allows to buy crypto

Opera allows US and Scandinavia users to buy crypto using Apple Pay or debit card

Opera browser, although based on the same engine as Chrome, still offers many original features and technologies. For example, Opera was the first browser with a built-in crypto wallet.

The Norwegian company is now letting its US and Scandinavia users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card or Apple Pay. The function is available in the browser for Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Adtelligent ad network review

Adtelligent Ad Network Review 2020

Being established in 2008 in New York, Adtelligent is a header bidding management platform that provides holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. It provides publishers and advertisers with simple and fast access to ad campaigns without hidden programmatic fees and revenue share. Serving display and video ads, it allows users to reap maximum benefits their ad campaigns and traffic. 

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HeartBid review

HeartBid Ad Network Review 2020

HeartBid is an advertising network that works with advertisers offering decent rates and various ad formats. It supports all popular ad types: push notifications, banners, native ads, popunders and pop-ups, video, interactive and audience, ads. Thanks to various pricing models available, it’s a suitable option for websites in different spheres and categories, including adult ones.

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6 Secret Cheating Methods Ad Networks Use to Trick You

6 Secret Ways Ad Networks Use to Trick You

In this guide, we analyze 6 hidden ways that Ad Networks can trick publishers and webmasters. We’ll tell you, how this can affect your website and how to discover and prevent it.

Of course, we aren’t talking about all networks here. It is only about some of them. But when it comes to traffic monetization, it’s important to check everything you can.

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