ShowCaseAds review

ShowCaseAds Ad Network Review 2021

ShowCaseAds is a self-managed advertising platform that provides the whole gamut of tools and instruments for users allowing them to set up customizable campaigns. It supports different types of ads and payment models and provides many extra features. This option is equally convenient for beginners and experienced users thanks to the absence of limits. 

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Mojoo ad network review

Mojoo Ad Network Review 2021

Being on the market of online advertising for over 10 years, Mojoo ad network offers publishers and advertisers beneficial conditions. It provides a user-friendly dashboard for ad campaign organization, as well as professional help of its managers. Mojoo supports both adult and mainstream websites helping users set up creative ad campaigns and convert traffic into real profit.

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ExplorAds ad network review

ExplorAds Ad Network Review 2021

ExplorAds network specialized in traffic monetization and supports various formats of ads. It takes pride in high CPM rates and a personal approach to every customer. The ad network accepts all kinds of traffic and does not have any strict requirements for the type of content published. 

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DaoAd ad network review

Dao.Ad Ad Network Review 2021

Dao.Ad network is a high-end platform for traffic monetization, both adult and mainstream. It supports the most popular and highly demanded ad formats (push ads, popunders, native ads) and provides all essential tools (real-time statistics, tags, back URL, APK for monetization) for publishers. The company strives to maximize users’ profit by offering advanced targeting options and smart traffic distribution.

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Evadav Ad Network review

Evadav Ad Network Review 2021

Evadav ad network specializes on push ads and offers a wide range of ad campaign customization and monetization options. The platform works with both adult and mainstream traffic, provides many payment options and 24/7 customer support.

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RichPush ad network

RichPush (PlatformIO) Ad Network Review 2021

Specializing in push ads, RichPush ad network (part of PlatformIO company) allows customers to reach the global audience and provides publishers with the opportunity to get maximum profit out of their traffic. The company offers proprietary optimization technologies and the assistance of competent push ads experts.

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SEO Tools

A Complete List of 30 SEO Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier

To be honest, there is a whole ocean of SEO tools. We analyzed the best SEO blogs and selected the 40 webmaster tools. Many tools are so interesting and multifunctional that there is no way to present their full description here. However, we will try to say a few words about each of them. In addition to brief descriptions, we will provide pricing information. 

We’ll start with Google services – maybe you know all of them (or not) –  and move on to the others most mentioned on large webmaster websites. 

At the end of the article, you will find a mention of one bonus tool, which is so obvious that many simply forget about it. Enjoy reading and share in the comments below which tools you use.

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Opera allows to buy crypto

Opera allows US and Scandinavia users to buy crypto using Apple Pay or debit card

Opera browser, although based on the same engine as Chrome, still offers many original features and technologies. For example, Opera was the first browser with a built-in crypto wallet.

The Norwegian company is now letting its US and Scandinavia users to easily purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card or Apple Pay. The function is available in the browser for Windows, iOS, and Android.

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