Reporo Ad network review

Reporo Ad Network Review 2020

Reporo is a mobile-only ad network which prides itself on a truly international reach, high ROI and cutting-edge technology. The platform shows serving 16 billion impressions per month, spread across over 200 countries, with sales managers in multiple territories enabling ‘worldwide monetization’ for publishers.

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ZeroPark ad network review

ZeroPark Ad Network Review 2020

Having been around since 2011, ZeroPark is an advanced AI-based ad network that supports the most popular ad formats, including popunders and popups. It is created to bid on traffic from domain redirects and supports different types of campaigns: RON (run on network), keyword, target, and multi-geo. Zeropark platform boasts an intuitive interface and responsive customer support. 

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Pro Tips For Choosing Ad Monetization Partner

Sooner or later, every webmaster asks himself ‘How should I monetize my website?’ First of all, you need to decide whether you will do it manually, or would rather automate the process. Automatic mediation services rise website revenue by 30%. This option is ideal for medium and large websites where manual ad settings are not enough. In this article, we will discuss how to select an optimal website monetization strategy, and why Ad Monetization Hybrid Header Bidding Model is a superb solution.

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What Popunder Solution to Apply: PopunderJS VS ASG Popunder

In the previous article, we’ve already determined why clickunder advertising is one of the most efficient ways to monetize your traffic and have reviewed the solution offered by our platform, namely the customizable AdSpyglass’ popunder script. Today we are going to delve into the topic comparing this script with one of the most well-known alternatives on the market, Popunder js. Up to this time, it was reckoned the true sovereign of clickunder advertising but with the arrival of the new solution, its sole reign seems to be over. 

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Monetize Traffic with AdSpyglass’ Pop-Under Solution

Choosing an ad network to work with can be quite a headache. Although while inspecting this blog you’ve probably already discovered the best possible cure for that headache, namely using ad mediation services like AdSpyglass. Afterward, however, it is not any easier to choose an ad format to work with, since there are myriads of those: banners of various scope and size, native ads, video ads, instant messengers, interstitial ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, the list goes on.

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