The Great Change: a Single Ad Network VS AdSpyglass

On this blog, we’ve been constantly advocating for shifting from working with a single ad network to using ad mediation services. We have been also discussing the benefits of this shift. However, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why in this article we will put aside theoretical matters and look at the case study of one particular website.

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A Short Guide to Monetizing by Advertising

It is no secret that placing advertisements on your website is by far the most profitable way to monetize it. Affiliate marketing can become a great source of passive income for you, but, if mishandled, it can just as easily become the greatest frustration of your life. To avoid the second option, read and learn from this short guide to monetizing.

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AdSpyglass Review for Publishers

AdSpyglass is a solid ad mediation network founded in 2014. It is now almost a well-known fact that advertising through ad management services is much more practical and cost-effective than trying to handle several advertising networks all by yourself.

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How Payments are made at AdSpyglass

It is time to discuss the most vital and imperative subject in the context of an affiliate marketing, namely the profit you get from it. Working with AdSpyglass has presumably already increased your income from the monetization of your site. Do bear in mind that the smart usage of our platform’s technological possibilities along with a bit of luck could escalate your revenue up to 100%.

Our platform is making every possible effort to help you accomplish this goal or maybe go even further! Therefore, among other things we provide you with there is a convenient Balance dashboard that makes it is easy to control your income and see if everything is going smoothly.

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