Ad Blockers: Five Important Facts for Publishers

Ad Blockers: Five Important Facts for Publishers

For a glimpse at how fast an online trend can spread, look no further than ad blocking. PageFair says that 11% of the connected global population use ad blockers to prevent certain types of inventory from showing on their screens, but that figure could rise even further if studies are to be believed.

Of course, publishers are hampered by the revenue lost from ads that don’t appear, which makes it all the more important for them to take note of new developments within ad blocking and to act accordingly.

As ad blocking readies itself for more growth around the world, here is a selection of five points that website owners should bear in mind.

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Mobiteasy ad network review

MobItEasy Ad Network Review 2020

MobItEasy is an advertising network for monetizing mobile traffic via CPA/CPL/CPI offer types. It was established in 2010 in Estonia and at first, it accepted adult traffic only, although now they are monetizing non-adult traffic, too, as well as dating apps.

MobItEasy shares up to 80% of revenue with their clients what is a very generous offer on the market. However, do keep in mind, that their minimum payouts are rather rigid: $150 for PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, or ePayService methods and $300 for Wire transfer.

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INXYAds platform review

Inxyads Ad Network Review 2020

InxyAds is a performance-based ad network that provides the whole range of functions and services for publishers. It supports various types of advertisements, a wide range of payment options, and provides advanced geo-targeting, real-time reporting, and ad filtering. Their AI-driven customized advertising solution helps customers to maximize their website revenue.

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VAST & VPAID by AdSpyglass- how to earn with Video Ads

VAST & VPAID by AdSpyglass: how to earn with Video Ads

The growing popularity of video content on websites makes video ads more relevant and applicable. Today we want to talk about types of video ads and how to use them to maximize your profit.

US marketers will spend $29.24 billion on programmatic video this year, which accounts for 49.2% of all US programmatic digital display ad spending. For the next years, we expect the portion of programmatic spend that goes to video to remain steady.

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Gadsbee Ad Network Review 2020

Gadsbee is a programmatic ad network for ad mediation and exchange that works with websites from various industries, including entertainment, financial services, gaming, eCommerce, etc. The company supports various ad formats and payment models, as well as adult and mobile traffic.

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How To Handle Google Abusive Experiences Violations

Why Google can ban your ads and how to unblock it

According to Statcounter Market Share 92% of internet users Worldwide use Google Search Engine and almost 65% use the Chrome browser. Any webmaster wants to get free and high-quality traffic from web search. And because google confidently dominates the market, it has the right to dictate his terms to webmasters. As for advertising, Google is in the Coalition of Better Ads that developed Better Ads Standards to create common standards for the quality of online advertising.

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AdservMe ad network review

Adservme Ad Network Review 2020

AdservME is a real-time bidding exchange that leverages technological capacities for buyers and sellers across many ad formats. The project serves all programmatic protocols and ensures flawless ad integration. The platform has all the essential tools for ad management, targeting, and optimization.

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